Dental Distortions

Fitting Materials

For fitting all our FX Fangs and Pro Line veneer products, this thermoplastic material can be shaped and reshaped any number of times until you get the exact fit that you want. The material can be heated in hot water and when it reaches about 140 degrees F the granules become clear.. When removed from the hot water it can be shaped and positioned onto the veneer and as it cools down it can be fitted over the teeth.  Once cooled* it becomes a solid material that can be trimmed to fit.

The thermoplastic pellets can be re-softened during fitting until you get a good comfortable fit .

We have found that, over time, oral bacteria can build up and overcome the thermoplastics ability to re-soften.

Since we have many customers who have worn there FX Fangs over the course of two or more years, we suggested that old fitting plastic be replaced with new once a year or as needed.




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